Recognize some of these “To Do’s” from prior months?  Does that mean they have to be done every month?  NO.  We repeat items that are both very important AND can properly be done different months.  The best example is MULCHING.  It is absolutely critical that your planting beds be well mulched and it is true that mulching can be done literally any month of the year.  So, we repeat it as a reminder to make sure you are properly covered, not to suggest that you should mulch every month.  Have questions?  Call us and our knowledgeable staff will help resolve any questions.

  • Plant trees and shrubs.  With the high temperatures now behind us, it’s a great time to plant.  This gives these new plants the maximum time to establish a healthy root system before the next Texas summer.  (Don’t forget the importance of hand watering during establishment – you cannot depend solely on your irrigation system.)  Don’t forget your Root Stimulator!

  • Plant fall / winter annuals:  Pansies, snaps, pinks, ornamental cabbage & kale.

  • Plant spring flowering perennials

  • Fertilize flowering annuals at least monthly … they are heavy feeders.  And don’t forget those container plantings.

  • MULCH, MULCH, MULCH.  We recommend shredded wood mulch.  Remember mulch serves both to insulate the root system from freezing temperatures and hold in valuable moisture.  It also makes it harder for weeds to get a foothold.

  • Plant ryegrass seed.

  • Prune trees, removing dead or damaged limbs while they are still easy to identify.  Use of certified professionals will ensure proper pruning.

  • Be prepared for that first killing frost.  Have your frost cloth ready to protect your tender plants. 

  • Watch out for Brown Patch in St. Augustine turf.  Apply a fungicide according to label instructions.