APRIL “To Do’s”

The last freeze is behind us!! Now is the time to PLANT.

  • Plant new trees & shrubs so they establish before summer temperatures. Take advantage of great spring selections. Don’t forget your root stimulator and SuperThrive.
  • Plant warm-season annuals as they become available (Pentas, Moss Rose, Purslane, Coleus, Potato Vine, Zinnias, Begonias, Impatiens and many more)..
  • Fertilize flowering annuals monthly … they are heavy feeders.
  • Fertilize landscape plants - trees, shrubs, perennials, groundcovers, etc. (An inexpensive soil test can provide direction on specific fertilizer formulation.)
  • MULCH, MULCH, MULCH. We recommend shredded wood mulch.
  • Plant herbs and veggies. Pay close attention to planting instructions, timing and spacing.
  • Plant turf grass.
  • Fertilize your lawn. We do NOT recommend “weed-n-feed” products.
  • Watch out for signs of iron deficiency (yellowed leaves with dark green veins). Often is most prominent on new growth. Treat with chelated iron / sulfur products.
  • Watch new growth on roses for possible Rose Rosette disease. Don’t wait to take corrective action.
  • Watch out for aphids on tender new growth. They are easy to control if you stay ahead of them.
  • Prune trees and shrubs as soon as spring growth begins, highlighting damage to be removed. If you must prune oaks (best not to) use pruning paint to prevent Oak Wilt infection.